Household Income:

This page visualizes the public version of the travel diaries for households that participated in the 2010 NYMTC Travel Survey as well as the 2010 California Household Travel Survey.

Because this is the public data, positions are actually randomized within census tracts; exact lat-long locations are not accurate in order to protect the privacy of the individual survey takers. The modifications should not affect the general patterns of travel by income, mode, or time of day.

You can advance the time of day by dragging the time slider from left to right and change the range of household incomes that are displayed using the drop down box.

Each circle represents a person and is sized relative to the age of the person. Look closely and you can see a parent (large circle) traveling with a child (small circle).

Circles are colored by the last transportation mode taken by each person (see legend). The "home" mode is used for people who haven't left home and do not have a mode yet. Notice that mode colors will be inaccurate when moving the slider *backwards* in time.

The speed of each trip is not accounted for when moving the circles - each animation takes the same amount of time no matter the duration of the trip.

Many thanks to Synthicity for supporting my work on this project and for the vudlab for inspiring me to try this. Additional thanks to Nicholas Tapia for helping with the New York data.

Email me - Fletcher Foti - at ffoti @ berkeley.edu or help me make this project better on github.